The cause

Our beneficiary, the Financial Markets Foundation for Children (FMFC), funds pioneering research projects designed specifically to improve the health, welfare and wellbeing of the future of Australia - our children.

The Financial Markets Foundation for Children.

About the FMFC

Established in 1990 by the Reserve Bank and a group of Australia’s leading banks, the FMFC has allocated over $30m to 262 pioneering research projects. At the Enchanted Ball we showcase an FMFC grant project that has been enabled by the funds raised at our event.
For more about the FMFC and the projects it supports, see

Mia and Amy’s story from the 2023 Enchanted Ball

$159,000 FMFC grant to the University of QLD

‘’Acute Resuscitation in Paediatric Sepsis (ARISE-KIDS) – a randomised controlled trial to reduce morbidity and mortality due to sepsis in children’’

Thanks to Mia and her Mum Amy for their willingness to share their personal story. Thanks also to Dr. Sai Raman.